Notes and some background history

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  • I was introduced to photo developing techniques in Geraldton 1972-73. Photography skills have been evolving since arriving at Kingswood College (now Trinity) University of WA in 1974. Medical School years were a blend of sweat (study) and adventure. A laundry converted into a photo darkroom was a welcome bonus. There was always a camera or two on standby during the busy Medical Practice years. I was born in Morawa WA and spent my childhood / youth on a wheat and sheep farm on the edge of the outback with Mellenbye Station on our boundary. Tropiano Road is on the Morawa – Yalgoo boundary and leads to the back of our old farm. The sign on Yalgoo Road as you cross “Tropiano Road” says, “OUTBACK STARTS HERE”. An intimate connection with the land and WA has been maintained. I will strive to remain engaged in creative ventures, community projects and evolving passions over the next 30 years. In the scheme of things, the past seems of minor consequence. Although my focus is on the present and well aligned to the future, reflecting back helps with the creative process.
  • My vision is write a short memoir and then move to writing fiction, incorporating belief systems, behavioural genetics and life in a warming earth. Writing is not my forte and Monika suggests I should stick to photography. I am a bit “wordy”. However, without being too pretentious, my style is a bit like Clive James’s in his “Unreliable Memoirs”. We even both have a fascination with Albert Camus. Clive says he would like a jacket and smoking style like Camus, plus die in a car crash. I definitely don’t want to die in a car crash, am happy with my jacket and was impressed with the smoking style of our medical supervisor in the lifts at Royal Perth Hospital mid 70’s!
  • My other passions include, life in general, philosophy, design and construction of passive solar/energy efficient buildings, buildings that beat fires, land rehab, tree planting/diverse plant propagation, cars, Australian landscape, people, exploring beyond Aussie landscape and beyond when we can. The word “retired” (General Practice/ Obstetrics) can be a bit misleading as pace of life has not changed and the momentum is invigorating.
  • Most cameras are robust, fast and reliable these days. Nikon D5 and D850 drive like a well tuned sports car as I am sure is the case with other brand name equivalents. The mirrorless Z6ii has been a welcomed bonus to the “camera family”. While these “sports cars” come in handy for specialized situations such as extreme action and very low light, a creative high quality photo can be taken with virtually any camera. These days more and more with a phone camera. I photograph “everything” and will probably excel at nothing….
  • “Without culture, and the relative freedom it implies, society, even when perfect, is but a jungle. This is why any authentic creation is a gift to the future”. Albert Camus.